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  • 1. Upload your PCB Gerber RS-274X files and BOM
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  • Great opporunities for open source hardware engineers! Upload your project, open it for public view and give your followers the ability for easy fabrication of your designed device

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PCB Mannufacturers Reviews

  • Feedback on Walbond Electronic

    hi, I am Ruben Motta Pérez, I am from URUGUAY,...I am a technician in Electronics Scales, I have a main Walbond 1308 14 for repair (another data:A12+_OC(1-3 2008.09.09)). this main show ERROR 3, can you tell me what may be the problem ??
    Many thanks
    Ruben Motta Pérez

  • Feedback on EIKEI GROUP

    Hi Sir,
    I have interest in your factory. can you introduce your company?

  • Feedback on Allegro Services

    I live in Australia and order PCBs here!
    Quality is always very good

  • Feedback on Sentak Technology co.,Ltd

    At first, the salesperson - David will keep you updated about the quotation, negotiation and payment for the board design you will be sending. Of course you will request a sample order to check their quality and communication.

    Then the problem starts, he will request you a full payment for the sample order (which is not a problem as its only small amount) but still this should be an issue if you're first time customer. They refused a partial payment as he said it is only small amount (around 800$ for two boards).

    We took risk and proceed to full payment, he committed us 8 days to make. Eventually, after 3-4 days, he kept on saying that the materials will take long time to import as it is not available in China. So I helped him to check different sources, Alibaba, aliexpress, findchips, etc. and he kept on giving barriers like they don't have credit cards, they tried to talk to this alibaba contacts and kept on saying no materials.

    So as a customer, I realized that this should not be my responsibility and he keeps on pushing back the problems with no solution. I am fed up dealing with him as he has no proactivene solutions. This is just a communication problem, what more on the board quality?

  • Feedback on ALLPCB

    by Lame

    Quality of assembly was exceptional! Wonderful packaging of manufactured PCBs. Very, very quick delivery.

  • Feedback on PCB Srl Unipersonale

    by Rexx

    Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
    Big batch of PCBs was ready in time

  • Feedback on Rezonit LLC

    by Tolya

    Probably best factory in Russia.
    The quality and price is fine

  • Feedback on ChinaPCBOne

    by Alex R

    Quick response and good quality. Perfect! THANKS!!

  • Feedback on ChinaPCBOne

    by Ruslan

    Good manufacturer! Fast shipping! Hoping to do business again!

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