Antech-Enviro. PCB Manufacturer

PCB manufacturing factory Antech-Enviro. is located in Philippines, Metro Manila, ParaƱaque, Unit 309, AC Raftel Building, 8193 Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, ParaƱaque, 1700 Metro Manila.
The company's phone number is (02) 820-8016, (02) 820-2454, (02) 820-3972.

Antech-Enviro. is capable of manufacturing Rigid print circuit boards with Up to 54 Layers

FR-4 can be used as the base material for PCBs manufactured at this factory.

The factory also provides PCB assembly service including following component mount types - Surface Mount, Thru Hole and soldering types -

After manufacturing PCBs can be tested/inspected with In-Circuit Testing (ICT)

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  • Dr. John Saffell

    I am visiting Manila from 13 to 25 February, working with University of Santo Tomas. Two companies, NosmoTech Ltd. (Cambridge) and Albasense Ltd (Glasgow) are currently having our PCBs assembled in the UK. As we expand volume, we are looking for alternative suppliers of [PCB+ component supply+ assembly]. Is it possible to meet up or visit your factory? John _____________________ Dr. John Saffell CoGDEM Chairman NosmoTech Director Cambridge UK ____________________

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