ELLWEST PCB GmbH PCB Manufacturer

PCB manufacturing factory ELLWEST PCB GmbH is located in Austria, Kolonitzplatz 7/1, A-1030 Vienna, Austria.
The company's phone number is +(43 1) 715 38 97, 715 38 98.

ELLWEST PCB GmbH is capable of manufacturing Rigid print circuit boards (max size 490 x 590 mm) with Up to 22 Layers

CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-2, FR-4, FR-5, Polyester, Polyimide, FR-3 can be used as the base material for PCBs manufactured at this factory. These PCB bases are produced by Arlon, Isola, Iteq, Kingboard, Taconic, Shengyi and other famous brands.

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  • P S Sudhakar

    Indian PCB market is approximately US2.5 billion, out of which only 30% produced locally , remaining imported. There is a huge demand and supply gap and the Electronic industry is growing @25% CAGR. Post Covid-19 pandemic supply chain disruptions and rapid geopolitical situations more emphasis is given for local manufacturing. My clients are interested in tie-up with European PCB manufacturers for Joint venture to set up MLB plant up 16 layers 2/2 mill capability, preferably rigid flex . If interested contact the undersigned for more details. P S Sudhakar-CEO Asaya Consultancy http://www.asayaconsultants.com/ Mail ID: sudhakarps@asayaconsultants.com. / pssudhakar@gmail.com Contact Numbers: +919845071877

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