Odak Printed Circuits

Odak Printed Circuits PCB Manufacturer

PCB manufacturing factory Odak Printed Circuits is located in Turkey, Esenyurt, Istanbul, Ak├žaburgaz Mahallesi Alkop Sanayi Sitesi 1575 Sokak No:2B / 4-5-6 Esenyurt Istanbul / Turkey. , certified under ISO 9000:2000, UL, ISO 9001:2008, RoHS
The company's phone number is +90(212) 858 00 36.

Odak Printed Circuits is capable of manufacturing Rigid, Flexible, Rigid-flex print circuit boards (max size 250 x 600 mm) with Up to 20 Layers

CEM-1, CEM-3, FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, PTFE, Teflon can be used as the base material for PCBs manufactured at this factory.

  • Available PCB types: High Tg,Aluminium,Ceramic

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